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"Her talent is only matched by her professionalism and preparedness, whether as an actor or director/teaching artist; it has benefited us many times."

~Brian Kurtas, Associate Artistic Director, Walnut Street Theatre

“I worked with Ellie on the National tour of I Love a Piano. Ellie was a consummate professional putting in endless hours making sure that people were hitting their marks and understanding the intent of their scene and movement. She was a constant problem solver and was adept at thinking outside the box when needed. Ellie was an invaluable member of the team and I would highly recommend her.” ​​

~Joseph Guglielmo
Owner, Lost In Boston Management, Management for I LOVE A PIANO National Tour​




“Ellie is a consummate professional -- dedicated, intelligent, hardworking, and always has a smile and a kind word for everyone. I've never seen her give less than 110%. She is a thorough and easy-to-understand teacher at all levels; a beautiful dancer; and someone you can count on to be solid and consistent on stage. It would be an honor and a privilege to work with her again.” 


~Kelly McCormick
(Truly Scrumptious), Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, 
Broadway First National Tour​


“Ellie, i​​​s an incredibly gifted Choreographer, Dancer and Director.​
Her work ethic is extraordinary and her attitude makes everyone and everything around her better.  ​​​She is a true pleasure to work with and everyone should be so fortunate as to work with Ellie."​


~Richard Willis
Owner, RICHMARK Entertainment, Executive Producer for I LOVE A PIANO National Tour



“Ellie has multiple gifts as a choreographer. She managed to find the spirit of THE DROWSY CHAPERONE and be utterly original at the same time. Then -- and here's the magic -- she was able to communicate her vision to a bunch of non-dancers (myself, included) and make us look great in the process. She was perhaps the best-prepared choreographer I've ever worked with, but she remained open to collaboration. And she's funny.” 


~James Donegan


“Theatre is, at its heart, is the art of telling a story, and quite simply, there is no better storyteller than Ellie Mooney. She has an sharp understanding of plot and flow, is an incredibly gifted comedienne, and has a seemingly inexhaustible supply of ideas. She handles limitations, snafus and the inevitable crisis with grace.  In short, Ellie is one of the most exceptional people I've ever had the pleasure to work with (both as a director and actor) and I couldn't recommend anyone more strongly.”

~Jim Sorensen
Managing Director, freeFall Theatre Company​




"Ellie possesses the ability to direct her actors in a way that still allows us to explore, experiment, and maintain our own artistic integrity. She fosters a very safe environment that allows her actors the chance to try new things without fear of ridicule or rejection. She is very open to all viewpoints and is always willing to hear an actor out. Through all this, though, she is still able to push us beyond where we think we should be to discover new things about both ourselves and our characters. She has wonderful vision and is able to inspire all those around her."


~Bryant Smith



“Ellie Mooney is one of the best choreographers I've had the pleasure of working with. Her work is not only vibrant, eye-popping and at a Broadway level, but she manages to tell a complete story thoroughly with each number, paying close attention to character and situation. Her work is incredibly inventive, delightfully unpredictable, at times, and well thought out ahead of rehearsals. Being a performer herself, she works wonderfully with actors. She's down to business and makes the most use of her and others' time, but always manages to sprinkle in a sense of humor and a willingness to listen and solve problems quickly. Any company would be lucky to have her at the helm of their musical choreography!”

~Chris Faith

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