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Ellie Mooney

THE RISE AND FALL OF LITTLE VOICE (Little Voice) Walnut Street Theatre


"In a remarkable explosion of vertuosity, she sings snippets of songs just as Patsy Cline, Barbra Streisand, Judy Garland and a bunch of others sang them. She shifts seamlessly and perfectly from one signer to another, in voices clearly recognizable...They don't even need to spin the real records at the Walnut, although they do use them; the recorded Mooney, I'll bet, would be as convincing as the live one."


     ~Howard Shapiro , For Newsworks



THE RISE AND FALL OF LITTLE VOICE (Little Voice) Walnut Street Theatre


​"This central role is played by the lovely Ellie Mooney, whose delicate gestures convey character while her singing voice imitates with uncanny accuracy the voices on L.V.'s records - Streisand, Garland, Patsy Cline, Rosemary Clooney, Helen Reddy, Petula Clark - and she can shift from one to another in mid-measure."


     ~Toby Zinman, For The Inquirer



As Little Voice, not only does Ellie Mooney possess a lovely, sweet voice in her own right but her impersonations of Judy Garland, Patsy Cline, Christine Kittrell, Barbra Streisand and many others are superlative. Her interpretation of an introverted girl whose life has been scarred by a neglectful mother is realistic and moving."             

     ~Claudia Perry, For Aisle Say



Mooney’s performance is flawless. She impersonates singing icons throughout the show, and she does this with ease and impressive precision. There were times that I could not tell the difference between Mooney’s voices and those of Judy Garland or Rosemary Clooney. There are times in the show that Mooney gave me chills with her vocal performances."              


    ~Kelli Curtin , For Theatre Sensation




A CHRISTMAS STORY (Miss Shields) Walnut Street Theatre


"Casting the leggy Ellie Mooney as schoolteacher Miss Shields scores the

triple-dog-dare-ya coup-de-grace of this show, with her sultry singing and skillful execution of choreographer Linda Goodrich's tap number, adding a bit more adult content to Ralphie's reminiscences."


     ~Jim Rutter, For The Inquirer


"But of all the adults in the large cast, it’s Ellie Mooney who made the strongest impression on me – she hams it up as Ralphie’s hardhearted, melodramatic school teacher, then vamps it up in a knockout tap dance number."


     ~Tim Dunleavy For DC Metro Theatre Arts






VISIT JOE WHITEFEATHER (Abigail) Florida Studio Theatre

"Ellie Mooney steals the show as Abigail, the town librarian with a split personality. By day, she’s chirpy and perky, and goes around singing Julie Andrews tunes. (Quietly, so readers won’t be disturbed.) By night, she’s a chain-smoking social critic with a trash-talking spiel to rival Lenny Bruce."

      ~Marty Fugate For The Observer

My favorite character is Ellie Mooney’s Abigail, the sweet-as-pie town librarian. She’s also a foul-mouthed, hard-drinking harridan after hours. How does she find out everyone’s secrets? Because “I’m the f-ing librarian!” she announces.

        ~David Warner For The Gabber


HARVEY (Myrtle Mae Simmons) Walnut Street Theatre


"The three, [Martello, Mooney and Dibble] provide a master class in the style of physical comedy that was popular in the 1940s and still elicits howls today.


      ~Deb Miller For DC Metro Theatre Arts

THE SPITFIRE GRILL (Shelby) Fulton Theatre

"Actor Ellie Mooney offers right-on comic timing as Shelby...Mooney's voice in particular is a standout and powerful enough to knock out the lobby lights."
    ~Susan E. Lindt / Intelligencer-Journal

"Ellie Mooney is a comedienne with amazing timing."
    ~Marty Crisop / Correspondent

"If it were possible, Mooney would steal the show.  Her Shelby is funny, sweet and a true delight."
    ~Jane Holahan / Lancaster New Era




FORBIDDEN BROADWAY  Walnut Street Theatre​

"Ellie Mooney, with her big eyes and great sense of timing (her impression of a stage turntable in Les Miz is way beyond funny), does a great Barbra-idiosyncratic pronunciations, quirky gestures and all."
   ~Toby Zinman / Philadelphia Inquirer

"Ellie Mooney slinks and slides around the floor as Bebe Neuwirth and then does a spot-on impression of Barbra Streisand."
    ~Tim Dunleavy / Talkin' Broadway

"When Ellie slithered across the stage as a diminutive Young Cosette with a

broom 10 times the size of her, while singing a parody of 'Castle On A Cloud'

I nearly plotzed."
    ~Joel Markowitz / DC Theatre Scene



I LOVE A PIANO (Eileen) The Denver Center​

"Ellie Mooney, a tiny blonde with a big voice and singular comic abilities, teams up with Shonn Wiley on an 'Easter Parade' seg that is a high point of the show."
      ~Allen Young / Variety

"Ellie Mooney is a tiny blonde with a big voice, swift feet and all kinds of energy.  Mooney is touching on 'What'll I Do?' and full of feeling and entirely minus kitsch."
      ~Juliet Wittman / Westward




AMADEUS (Constanze) Walnut Street Theatre

"Mooney is terrific as Constanze.  She takes her character from immature girl to a caring, if disenchancted, woman. She interacts well with both Olmstead and McClure, showing a distictive difference in the way Constanze dealt with both men."

     ~Christina Parryman / News Network

"Ellie Mooney, as Mozart's wife, meshes well with McClure in the comedic moments then shines when the drama takes a more serious turn"
      ~Tim Dunleavy / Philadelphia Inquier





THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE (Miss Dorothy ) Main State Music Theatre

"When Mooney sang and danced to 'I'm Falling in Love With Someone', it was theatrical madness, and the audience screamed with laughter."
      ~David Ritchey / West Side Leader

"And the luminous Ellie Mooney embodies the winsome Miss Dorothy Brown.  The woman floats through her role with a fabulous voice and has the most turned-out toes I've seen without toe-shoes!"
      ~Marilyn Taylor / The Coastal Journal








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