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I understand the importance of an educational support system in an artist’s life.


I am dedicated to providing the appropriate training, skills, and tools performing artists need to succeed.

My mission is to ensure that the arts remain strong and to offer services to artists of all levels. 

All classes are designed to assist newcomers to the industry and to refine the methods and techniques of even the most veteran artists.




Now offering ZOOM classes online

A class for the career-driven Performing Artist that contains important information and insight about working in today’s entertainment industry. 

  • Marketing

  • Networking

  • Self-Submissions

  • Self-Tapping

  • Audition Etiquette & Strategy

  • Unions

  • Survival Jobs

  • Agents & Managers

  • Industy Classes

  • Apprenticeships

  • Understudies

  • Rehearal Etiquette

  • Performance Protocol

  • Career Longevity

With humor, real stories, and expert advice, students will receive a fresh look and a new understanding of the business side of show business.

Private and College Classes Available now

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Now offering ZOOM classes online

Learn everything you need to know about website design and construction.  

Step-by-step instructions that are specific to the needs and industry standards for the professional performing arts. 


Mobile-Friendly, Fully Branded, Multi-Media, and High-Resolution website designs will showcase your work.

Create layouts that are preferred by Industry leaders, including Talent Agents, Casting Directors, Directors, Choreographers, College Admissions, and Artistic directors. 

  • Website Construction

  • Brand Identity

  • Social Media Etiquette

  • Resume Formatting

  • Image Editing

  • Video Editing

  • Multi-Media Gallery Design

  • How to Purchase a Domain

  • How to Attach a Domain

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Cover Letters

  • Self Submission Formatting

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